Client Experience

It is important to us to develop meaningful client relationships that we all feel comfortable with – both personally and professionally. Therefore, we do not rush the initial process, allowing everyone the time to determine if this relationship is right. Below is the process we deploy at the onset of every new relationship.

* Ensure Fit

Once we have the opportunity to meet prospective clients, we determine if there is a fit for both parties. Each new relationship is viewed as the beginning of a journey, with proper alignment of needs, expectations, and services. With this, we have the tools needed for success.

01 Determine your goals and time horizon

The journey starts with an in-depth discovery process, which allows us to learn what makes our clients who they are and what they want to be. We discover their resources and the challenges they face. This process will continue perpetually, as life changes or new goals/challenges arise.

02 Tailor your tax and financial strategy

Everyone is on a different journey; however, we all have taxes in common! We begin by integrating our clients’ tax planning needs into their financial strategy. As their needs change, the tax implications may change. Our services adapt to provide personalization in their strategy.

03 Implement your strategy

Great ideas only matter if they are executed! Implementation allows the strategy to execute. This could be simultaneous in different areas based on client needs.

04 Monitor your progress

Observing progress can take many forms depending on what service you are performing or needs you are solving. Metrics for client progress are established to understand where we are and what is still left to be accomplished.

05 Adjust and optimize your strategy

Rarely in life does everything go as planned. You must adjust strategy based on what the monitoring reveals. The strategies may need to deal with new information or results. The pro-active optimization gives us a higher probability of success.

* Assess optimal fit

As life happens, we always want to reset the journey along the way to make sure the services we are performing are meeting the needs of our clients. We are never locked into the current paradigm, realizing it may need to change.