Value Proposition

We are a comprehensive advisory firm that seeks to assist motivated individuals, families and small businesses. We aspire to facilitate the discovery and fulfillment of their financial promises. We employ our disciplined process to achieve customized and tax-optimized solutions. Our innovative wealth management programs will allow our clients to keep, grow and transfer wealth. Our firm combines both holistic focus and expertise with a client-centric service experience. We enable our clients to attain a secure peace of mind with a life of dignity and independence. Through extensive education and experience we help ensure our clients can deliver on the promises they make to their families and to themselves.

Service Packages

We offer complete service packages to allow our clients to experience a “one-stop shop”. Every financial plan begins and ends with the tax return. For this reason, we make sure that we integrate your tax return into our planning process to help make sure the intended planning consequences are seen through. We offer investment management services, which includes not only traditional portfolio management but also access to direct participation programs, annuity platforms and trust administration. We offer complete insurance programs including life, disability, long-term care and more. Our services leverage the resources of an extensive network of experts dedicated to their particular field. This allows us to stay client centric and not have to be the expert in every matter that is important to our clients, rather we make sure the capabilities needed for our clients are part of our team and we provide the seamless integration of that expertise to our client’s plan.

Successful Entrepreneurs

The small business owner that has survived startup phase and is aiming for achieving the maximum financial potential the business has to offer the Entrepreneur’s family and themselves. Must be self-motivated and dedicated to a tax efficient accumulation of wealth, a planned successful conclusion of the business and a measured approach to the ultimate risk management needed to mitigate the unknowns of the path taken.

Motivated Individual/Couple

Seeking a sustainable income solution and a comprehensive plan to ensure desired promises are met, legacies are set and tax bite is minimized.

Affluent Families

This kind of family has need of a comprehensive financial office partnership to enable the successful execution of multi-generational goals, through maintenance of multi entity strategies overlaid onto a wealth management platform with oversight administration and accounting balanced with each family member’s beneficiaries’ individual needs.