Integrated Processes included with all of our planning.


Once we have the opportunity to meet prospective clients, we determine a fit between them and us. We do not accept all new prospective clients and are looking for people that have the characteristics we fit best with. These characteristics center on common interests, financial profile and attitude toward accepting advice.


If we determine a successful fit, we then have a complete discovery process which allows us to learn what makes our clients tick. We determine the important promises that they have made to themselves, their family and society. Though this is a deep and lengthy process at the onset of a relationship, it will continue throughout as life changes for our clients.


This is an ongoing process that differs in frequency based on the service matrix of the individual client. Here we seek to measure success of a prior action implementation and find new areas that require further discovery as life moves on and changes.

Sounding Board

As a value-added service to our clients, we make ourselves available to act as a sounding board. Often our clients have a friend or family member that asks about us, or they may feel compelled to make an introduction to help the friend or family member out. If this happens, we will make the time to offer objective advice that they can use to make an informed decision. It’s a complimentary service we offer to our valued clients.

Method 10

Areas of focus in achieving your financial promises.